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Shane Stephenson M.D.

Family Medicine

(402) 354-0610

Growing up, Dr. Shane Stephenson always had a feeling he would have a future career in health care. As a teenager, he loved medical programs on television, and, in school, he excelled in science. His interest further grew after a major life event. During his high school years, his father became ill but refused to see a doctor out of fear of being given bad news. Dr. Stephenson’s father unfortunately passed away, but he left behind a spark that would ignite his son’s passion for health care. From that day, Dr. Stephenson vowed he would help people who were afraid of seeking medical help. He decided to follow the path to become a doctor.

Dr. Stephenson went on to complete medical school at the St. Louis University School of Medicine. He later completed his residency training at Mercy Medical Center. Today, he is a family medicine doctor at Methodist Physicians Clinic.

To provide exceptional care, Dr. Stephenson believes it is crucial to build a relationship based on honest and open communication. Every person has fears about his or her health, and his mission is to address every concern in order to form an accurate diagnosis. Listening also allows him to learn about the person’s job, habits and personal issues, further allowing him to find the root cause of a problem.

Having gone through a difficult time in his youth, he recognizes that an ill person's loved ones also experience stress. He is dedicated to guiding entire families through tough medical problems and ensures they know he will be there for them every step of the way.

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