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Shana Peper M.D.

Internal Medicine

(402) 354-8600

Dr. Shana Peper grew up knowing it was her duty to live a life dedicated to service. As the child of a military family, she was raised to be selfless and do whatever she could to help others. It came as no surprise to anyone, then, that she would one day choose a career in health care. Medicine was also a way for her to combine her two loves: challenging herself and fulfilling her constant need for learning.

A proud Nebraska Husker, Dr. Peper completed her education at the University of Nebraska School system: after completing her undergraduate studies at UNL, she went on to complete medical school and her residency training at the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Today, Dr. Peper is an internal medicine doctor at Methodist Physicians Clinic.

A deciding factor in Dr. Peper’s choice of specialty over all others was the ability to develop a lifelong connection with patients. Her desire to be close to people came about after witnessing how involved her preceptor was in his patient’s lives. Wanting similar interactions in her career, Dr. Peper chose internal medicine to be able to treat, learn, grow and celebrate good health with her patients.

In order to effectively treat people, Dr. Peper believes trust should exist between the physician and the patient. Since people are coming to her in vulnerable positions, it is important for her to develop a sense of trust in order to assure patients that she will place their needs above hers and will perform to the best of her abilities to help them reach good health.

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