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Warren Hayes M.D.

Family Medicine

(712) 623-7250

Dr. Warren Hayes has always been a highly inquisitive person with a fondness for a good challenge. Growing up, he enjoyed learning about the complexities of the world around him and applying that knowledge to future discoveries. It came to no surprise he developed an interest in the human body and its functions. Wanting to learn more, Dr. Hayes decided he would one day become a doctor and take on the challenge of learning everything there is to know about human physiology.

Dr. Hayes went on attend medical school at Creighton University’s School of Medicine. During his time there, he developed an interest in health maintenance, especially helping young people achieve good health. Deciding to specialize in family medicine, today he is a family medicine doctor at Methodist Physicians Clinic.

Dr. Hayes is dedicated to patient health. Having a “one size medicine does not fit all” mentality, his mission is to create treatment plans tailored to each individual. He also strives to create partnerships with his patients, believing they should have an active role in making decisions regarding their health care.

In his free time, Dr. Hayes enjoys finding new ways to challenge himself. He often enjoys reading a good book, learning about computers or improving his golf game. He also prides himself in his juggling abilities, often using his skills to entertain children in the office.