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Zachary Gustin M.D.


(402) 354-0707

Dr. Zachary Gustin’s interest in medicine can be traced back to his teenage years. In high school, he had a family friend who was a radiologist with whom he had a shared interest in photography. Dr. Gustin looked up to him and admired his passion for science and his radiology career. Inspired by his friend, Dr. Gustin decided he would one day pursue his own career in the medical field.

Dr. Gustin went on to attend medical school at Georgetown University Medical Center. During his last two years, he took a physical medicine and rehabilitation rotation as an elective. Fascinated by the life-changing treatments involved in this practice, he selected PM&R as his specialty. He completed his residency at Stanford University Hospital and returned to Georgetown for his fellowship. Today, he rehabilitates patients as a physiatrist at Methodist Physicians Clinic.

The Meaning of Care for me is care for the whole person.

There is no doubt in Dr. Gustin’s mind he made the right choice in selecting his specialty. Still fascinated by his job, Dr. Gustin's favorite aspect of physical medicine and rehabilitation is how empowering treatments can be. With his careful guidance, patients are able to have a hand in their healing process. Engaged patients also allow Dr. Gustin have a holistic approach to health care. While treating the main problem the patient has, he also helps treat the mind and soul, leading to an overall healthier individual.

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