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Physician Profile

Nancy Mathews, M.D.

Methodist Physicians Clinic 192Dodge Women's Center Skin Renewal Suite 

717 N. 190th St.
Omaha, NE
(402) 815-1700

This Physician also practices at:

Methodist Physicians Clinic 192Dodge Women's Center OB-GYN


OB-GYN (Board Certified) , Skin Renewal


Medical School

University of Nebraska Medical Center


University of Nebraska Medical Center


Why did you decide to become a physician?

I have wanted to be a doctor since I was a little girl. This was confirmed when I became a candy striper. Then in college I really felt that there should be women doctors who can take care of women. I delivered my first baby in med school and knew I had made the right choice.

What are your clinical areas of interest?

Taking care of the health of all stages of women. I am also now very interested in skin health and laser skin renewal, helping to improve skin age and appearance.

What is your philosophy of patient care?

I like patients to be involved in their health care. I believe in mutual respect, understanding and honesty.

How do you spend your free time? (family, hobbies, interests, volunteer activities, etc.)

I spend a lot of time with my family, husband and three children. They are involved in many sports and school activities. We enjoy traveling and outdoor activities.