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Physician Profile

Kristie Hayes, M.D.

Methodist Physicians Clinic Regency Dermatology 

10060 Regency Circle
Omaha, NE
(402) 354-1315




Medical School

University of Nebraska Medical Center


Univ of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine


Why did you decide to become a physician?

The ability to help maintain good health and develop healthy habits through education is my passion.

What are your clinical areas of interest?

Geriatric and pediatric dermatology.

What is your philosophy of patient care?

I am here to serve patients' needs - there is no question about their diagnosis or clinic visit that should go unanswered.

How do you spend your free time? (family, hobbies, interests, volunteer activities, etc.)

Reading, travel and mentoring medical students and young physicians.

Provide an interesting anecdote about you.

I have an interest in international medical missions.